Biolink’s Ignition is the real deal for this beef producer! – organic composting in victoria


Biolink’s Ignition is the real deal for this beef producer! – organic composting in victoria

The positive effects of using microbes to reactivate the soil, stimulate plant growth and provide livestock with a great source of nutrients can sometimes seem too good to be true.

I think that’s why when Wayne Wood, Breamlea-based beef producer, used Biolink’s Ignition as part of his composting routine, he dubbed it ‘snake oil’!

Wayne owns and leases around 3,500 acres of land in south-west Victoria. Originally from Geraldton in WA, he moved to the area 3 years ago. He now manages around 700 black cows – the exact number varies from season to season.

Used to much drier conditions in the west, Wayne found the comparatively higher-level rainfall in the area made a huge difference to pasture growth.

Initially, Wayne was using regular fertiliser to support feed growth for his stock.

Then he found out about Biolink’s Ignition.

Trying a different approach to fertilising pastures for animal feed

“I met Graham by the side of the road. I was with a mate who knew him,” explained Wayne. “He told me about how their Ignition product could really make a difference to plant growth.”

“I always thought regenerative agriculture was a good idea. I like my insects! I knew there had to be a better way than putting ‘bad stuff’ into the soil. So, I thought I’d try something new”.

After speaking to Biolink owners Graham and Kev, Wayne decided to take their advice on composting to kick-start the process. He followed their application instructions, mixing Ignition with chicken manure and applying 2.5 tonnes per hectare of the compost mix to around 300 hectares of his property.

“After that first application, I had another go. The following year, I used a tow and fert, fertilising around 1400 hectares with a mix of chook manure, lime mix and Ignition in liquid form.”

“The difference was amazing. Everything was healthy. I’ve continued to use the Biolink product, mixing it up with potash and chook manure.”

The effect on animal health was ‘astronomical’!

According to Wayne, “the last two years have been pretty exciting for me.”

Not only did he see great results in pasture growth, he saw a significant improvement in the health of his animals.

“I haven’t measured it yet, but I can see the animals are less distressed because there’s so much good feed. Their coats are out early. They’re really ‘well’,” said Wayne.

“And I can also see looking at the neighbouring properties, that our pasture is thriving in comparison.”  

“One thing I definitely noticed was that where we used the ‘bugs’ and the mulch, the cattle wanted to get back to those areas to feed.”  

Whether you’re a grass-fed beef producer or a beef producer looking to grow fodder to feed your cattle intensively, this is the composting program to look at to grow your own feed.

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