4 reasons why Bio-Hum probiotic fertiliser blend will have your soil humming


4 reasons why Bio-Hum probiotic fertiliser blend will have your soil humming

Bio-Hum is the latest in our sustainable agriculture product range. It’s a 100% pelletised probiotic fertiliser additive that stimulates plant growth and builds soil health on your farm.

Bio-Hum contains a powdered blend of humic fulvic, a microbial concentrate that boosts micronutrient uptake and plant growth.

Here’s why using Bio-Hum probiotic fertiliser as part of your soil and plant nutrient management process makes sense

1. Increases the efficiency of the nutrients you apply to your crops – (Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium and Sulphur)

The soluble humic fulvic acid in Biolink 4 Plants’ Bio-Hum holds essential nutrients in the soil. This means they’re not locked up or lost into the atmosphere, or through leaching into the soil and waterways.

2. Assists in the release of stored Phosphorus in your soil

Phosphorus is one of the major nutrients needed for healthy plant growth.

Trials have shown that, when humic fulvic acids are applied in combination with other nutrients, phosphorus is released to plants.

3. Develops and increases the beneficial fungi to increase nutrient cycling

Our trial work has shown that our comprehensive blend of beneficial microbials helps to significantly increase the beneficial fungi in soil over time.

4. Develops and increases carbon and moisture-holding capacity in your soil

By increasing the carbon and moisture-holding capacity in soils, we have increased the sustainability and growing season of crops and pastures. This helps farmers mitigate against drought.

No withhold period for grazing when using Bio-Hum probiotic fertiliser

There’s one more big benefit for growers.

Bio-Hum has no animal inputs. That means there’s no withhold period needed. Once you apply Bio-Hum to your pasture, you can go ahead and graze your livestock without the standard 21 days withhold period recommended with standard synthetic fertilisers.  

That’s a more efficient use of your on-farm resources. It’s also safer and healthier for your livestock.

What are the active ingredients in Bio-Hum?


A grain industry byproduct that’s a readily available carbohydrate source.


Used to enhance plant productivity by improving nutrient availability for carbon bonding and a fungal stimulant for the soil. Humic fulvic is a concentrated carbon source and buffering excess salt and toxins in the soil.


Our selection of microbes stimulate plant growth and increase microbial activity in the soil. The ingredients in Bio-Hum activate the native microbes present in the soil.

How should you use Bio-Hum?

Our directions for use are straightforward:

  1. Mix 2kgs per hectare into your fertiliser.
  2. Apply as per normal solid fertiliser application.
  3. Use every time you fertilise your crops or paddocks.

Bio-Hum probiotic fertiliser makes sense because it:

  • Increases the efficiency of each fertiliser application.
  • Helps prevent essential nutrient loss – including nitrogen, phosphate and potassium.
  • Is safe, easy-to-use and worm-friendly.
  • Is certified organic, so it’s suitable for both convention and organic* agricultural applications.


Get in touch to find out how Bio-Hum can help on your farm.

NOTE: Biolink does not guarantee yield or performance. * allowed for use in organic farming