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The farmer’s choice for sustainable farming and healthy plant growth.

Sustainable farming. Every farmer wants to have an economically viable farm that uses the land sustainably.

But how do we duplicate nature’s ability to renew itself, produce nutrient-rich food for people and animals – and make a decent living?

The answer is biology.

These days, effective, sustainable farming is based on good science and good management. Two of the most important questions for farmers are:

  • Can we be environmentally sensitive without sacrificing the economy?
  • Can we be economically viable without sacrificing the environment?

We believe you can do both using products based on powerful, biological stimuli. Using BioLink4Plants products means you avoid the downside of using chemical fertilisers plus increase your yield and plant and livestock quality.

How do BioLink products help farmers?

We produce a number of different products to promote plant growth and help support the efficiency of Australian farms.

BioLink products have been effectively used for many years. Trial results both here and overseas have shown the following:

Significant increase in plant growth

Over two consecutive years, a gradual yet significant increase was measured in:

  • plant height
  • the number of aerial stems per plant
  • leaves surface area
  • total chlorophyll
  • number of shoots
  • dry matter percentage
Increased quality in potato crops

Trials with potatoes showed increased:

  • tuber quality in terms of specific gravity
  • starch percentage
  • protein percentage, and
  • dry matter percentages
Increased quality and yield in soybean crops

Trials in soybeans reflect similar results to the potato trials with significant positive results for:

  • Yield
  • pods per plant
  • proteins levels and
  • oil content

Australian trials have also given positive results from using BioLink products.

Here are just a few of the most recent product trials:
On farm trials Spring 2014 in South Gippsland, Victoria
  • Turnip fodder crops returned a 24% increase in yield over the control
  • Forage brassica and chicory blend had an increase in overall grazing of area from 11 days to 15 days
  • Forage millet had an estimated yield increase of 15%. There was an observable preferential grazing by cows on treated areas
On farm trials of winter cereals and faba (broad) beans 2015 in Berrybank, Victoria
  • Increased root development
  • Increased growth of plants
  • Faba beans flowered and formed more pods per plant
  • Increase in nodulation of legume rhizobes (more free nitrogen pumped back into the soil from the air)
  • Less variable yield from treated areas
On whole farm application – Dairy farm in Camperdown, Victoria
  • Increase in growth within 4 days
  • Strong growth of grass and grazing oats
  • Cows grazing less pasture and crop, accompanied by a production increase in the middle of winter
  • Very healthy plant growth

Our Product Range for Farmers

We produce a number of different products to promote plant growth and help support efficiency and sustainable farming practices in Australian agriculture.
Germinator Pelletised Crop and Pasture Starter

A sustainable, affordable fertiliser, Germinator is a pelletised blend of powerful microbes and microbial stimulants to improve the soil and increase plant growth.

Ignition Compost Starter

Helps release a ready source of energy for your plants. It’s a granulated blend of powerful microbes and microbial stimulants to kick-start your compost and manure heap and effluent pond, creating a cost-effective fertiliser.

Ignition Organic Soil Drench

A compost tea which stimulates plant growth and soil health using powerful live microbials. Micronised and 100% water soluble for easy application with fertigation or spray equipment. Boosts micronutrient uptake and plant growth and increases beneficial soil microbials.

Ignition Effluent Digester

Unlocks the potential of your farm effluent with powerful live microbials. Increases biological activity for better nutrient material breakdown and helps nutrient retention in the pond and in soil. Creates nutrient and biologically-rich and cost-effective fertiliser. Use in your effluent pond or tank

Bio-Hum Concentrated Fertiliser Additive

A probiotic fertiliser additive to stimulate growth and soil health on your farm. A humic fulvic powder microbial concentrate blend that boosts micronutrient uptake and plant growth. Increases the efficiency of each fertiliser application. Helps prevent nutrient loss including nitrogen, phosphate & potassium.

Biolink Bullet Organic* Fertiliser Pellets

Biolink Bullet is an effective slow-release, all-purpose organic* fertiliser made with chicken manure and infused with our special blend of microbes. Ideal for agricultural applications to build organic carbon, supports soil health & plant growth for veggies and floral gardens, and on lawns and landscape use. Excellent for year-round use - apply Autumn and Winter for extra Nitrogen. Safe, easy-to-use and worm-friendly. * allowed for use in organic farming.

Sustainable, profitable, healthier.